Fresh Foods Frontier

Empowerment through food that’s always fresh and always healthy – that’s the Fresh Foods Frontier way!

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Changing the way kids eat

Established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, our mission is to ensure every school-aged child in Virginia thrives with the certainty of food security.

Fresh Foods Frontier collaborates with local charities to organize food drives and educational programs. Our goal is for every table to have healthy, delicious meals, reinforcing the bonds that make communities thrive.

Join us in sowing the seeds for a future where hunger is history, and every plate is a promise of possibility.

Investing in futures

Every contribution to Fresh Foods Frontier leads to good that goes beyond food. Our approach maximizes donor impact, fueling initiatives that empower people and lift up communities – one life-changing meal at a time!


Costa Rica

Our team traveled to Costa Rica recently to connect with local farmers. Engaging with these farmers not only unveils their expertise but also fosters a profound appreciation for their commitment to preserving the land and traditions that define Costa Rica’s rural communities.


Capital Produce

Capital Produce is renowned for its commitment to delivering fresh, high-quality produce sourced from local farms and beyond. Based in Herndon, Virginia, they pride themselves on strong partnerships with growers, ensuring a reliable supply chain that meets the diverse needs of their customers. Capital Produce is the exclusive distribution partner for Fresh Foods Frontier.


Fanny Salazar

Fanny Salazar, a beacon of community support at Herndon Middle School, has been instrumental in our mission to combat food insecurity. Her dedication as Family Liaison has helped us provide for 65 families in a single month, laying the foundation for a continued partnership that promises to bring hope and sustenance to many more in 2024. We are immensely grateful for her tireless efforts and the positive change we are creating together.


Sebastian Anderson
Digital Strategist

Sebastian’s background in both Information Technology and Management make him an essential part of the Fresh Foods Frontier team.

Govind Virdy
Partnership Director

The charismatic cornerstone of client relations at Fresh Foods Frontier, Govind’s natural charm and readiness to assist forge enduring partnerships and public goodwill. As our bridge to the community, Govind’s dedication to service shines, ensuring that our collective efforts resonate deeply with those who join us on this noble quest for food security.

Evan Pais
Sourcing Director

Our brilliant apothecary and sourcing manager, Evan, has greatly increased our produce amounts since his arrival. He is vital to our operation, providing Fresh Foods Frontier with essential produce.

Kumar Walia
Client Relations

Kumar is responsible for managing orders and handling client relations at Fresh Foods Frontier. His expertise ensures smooth operations and excellent service for our partners.



Famously known as the potato capital of the United States, Idaho is renowned for producing high-quality potatoes favored for their flavor and texture worldwide.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its stunning biodiversity and commitment to environmental conservation, captivates visitors with its lush rainforests, pristine beaches, and warm hospitality.


Anna Sudha

She Believes in Me

Loudoun Homeless Services Center

Herndon Middle School