Friday, April 17th, 2024 – 7,500 people fed!

Nurturing Virginia’s Heart

Empowering communities with the gift of sustenance, Fresh Foods Frontier pledges unwavering commitment to Virginia’s well-being. Through collaborative food drives and educational programs, we ensure that every table has wholesome nourishment, reinforcing the bonds that make neighborhoods thrive.

Fanny Salazar

Fanny Salazar, a beacon of community support at Herndon Middle School, has been instrumental in our mission to combat food insecurity. Her dedication as Family Liaison has helped us provide for 65 families in a single month, laying the foundation for a continued partnership that promises to bring hope and sustenance to many more in 2024. We are immensely grateful for her tireless efforts and the positive change we are creating together.

Investing in Futures

Every contribution to Fresh Foods Frontier leads to good that goes beyond food. Our data-driven approach maximizes the impact of your generosity, fueling initiatives that empower the underserved and uplift our community, one life-changing meal at a time.

Food Security Today for a Brighter Tomorrow

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